A week of years

All the light has gone.

Un minuit in it.


Lah carnivale, love, the humour...

Tech, grotesque, the apocalypse,

All included non refundable, A guaranteed revival.



Time, space, nature..

Online. Friends high, friends low.

Post human, transcendence...


Ethics, aesthetics, the vicious migrant, the indolent native..Born to serve , born to count..a thief and a visitor in your own garden...Wow you speak good, how are the winters in the eternal summer?

Where are you from?

Why have you come?


I'm sorry...Wouldn't you rather know my name?

Time, nature, change. Indiscriminate.

A body of enlighten anarchy.

The rose.

I ching.

Siddhartha, Plato, Bakunin..

Polarity, possibility, imcompossibility.

Chicken chop, dead hare, batatas.

Aristotle, Leibniz.

We eat, we eat...we are united...


Drinking from the tropical fountain...melange.

Machines in the south, the world wide web..The future. Beware the buck bill at the gates.

Blow jobs

Chess with Duchamps, tea with Bronte.

A stroll with Cadere...

Todi with Haron, champagne with Debord,

Futebol with Galeano.Boomerangs with Orozco

Ds.No reply..Finding that yellow schwalbe

Mussels with Broodthaers...Apples with Margritte


Wagner, Schoenberg.

Stravinsky. Shattered spring.

Trash, metal, punk,

funk, rock, jazz,

industrial, house, hip hop.


Spliffs with Bob, Flying

Onboard Jefferson air...white rabbit.


Landing at the bar two floors up.

Through the doors.

A pint with Hirst, printing in the social factory.


Fantasy, reality, imagine the possibility.

​Soul killers. Emancipation.

Maybe there is such a thing as freedom?


Just for a second...I thought new meaning.

I almost had you believing.


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