Born 1984

Lives & works in Kuala Lumpur, WP


James Ly's practice evades easy definition. A graduate of the Duncan Jordanstone College of Art & Design, he is an artist, curator and lecturer with an interest in contemporary philosophy, the evolution of culture and the dynamics of cognition. Central to his practice is a process of opening fields of play that experiment with chance, order and aesthetics to contemplate the events that unfold in our realities and investigate conventions within the cultural ecologies of our time through the discourse of aesthetics and evolution.


He co founded Minut Init in 2010. An artist run gallery that is dedicated to the diversification of the artistic climate in Malaysia and Anthology of Metaverses in 2020 an online initiative, virtual exhibition space and digital exploration project that aims to encourage critical conversations in contemporary art and screen culture. He has also participated and curated various exhibitions and cultural events like ArtEXPo, Urbanscapes and SHIFT.






2006 - BA Multimedia Design, RMIT University, Melbourne Victoria

2010 - MSC 3D Animation, Duncan of Jordanstone School of Art and Design, University of Dundee, Scotland, UK 

Exhibitions & Projects


2010 -

27/11 - Curator, Maiden Voyage, Minut Init Art Social.

2011 -

29-31/06 - Curator, Tinpix Mophog group exhibition, Minut init Art Social. 17-27/11 - Curator, Tahi Cicak: Photography exhibition , Minut Init Art Social.


2012 -

28/04-02/06 - Artist and curator, Creole:Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social
01/06 - Artist, Baht 19 Charity Auction, Pavilion KL

28/10 - Curator/organizer Midas Touch Art Fusion feturing Justin Lim and Andrew T Crum, Publika 24-25/11 - Artist embassador Levis Go Forth Campaign and Exhibition @ Urbanscapes Kuala Lumpur.


2013 -

06/04 - Curator, Punk Chic in collaboration with Pearly Wong, Minut Init Art Social.
15/06 - Artist, Heineken Green Room Exhibition, KL Live Centre.
22/07 - Artist, APOV group exhibtion @ Captain Melville Melbourne Australia.
23/12 - Artist and curator,"Emancipation: No such thing as freedom" with Kara Inez, Minut Init Art Social


2014 -

15-22/02 - Curator, Julley: A photography exhibition by Sadiq Mansor, Minut Init Art Social.
28/11-5/12 - Artist and curator: Fabled Structures: The Allegory of Form featuring Andrea Tan, May Chan, Minut Init Art Social.


2015 -

25/04-02/05 - Curator, Inner Visions: An Exploration of the Subconscious, Minut Init Art Social.
19-26/06 - Curator, Adolescence: an exhibition exploring reminiscence and reconnection through contemporary images of imaginary tales and folklore, Minut Init Art Social.
04-18/06 - Curator, Duality: Photography and paintings by Nadzim Zainal and Lupe Parada, Minut Init Art Social.

28/08-04/09 - Curator, Alive in Wonderland: A solo exhibition by Annie Chai exploring the essential relationship between colour and consciousness, Minut Init Art Social.
18/09 - Organizer, Ringan-Ringan SoundSystem2, Minut Init Art Social.

03/10 - Organizer, Opal Daze Indulgence (Fashion Show by LaLaLand and Performance by Midnight Snack, Lounge Floor Opening), Minut Init Art Social.
03/10 - Organizer, Je Ne Sais Quoi 3:The Beginning (A Showcase of Musical Talents, Lounge Floor Opening), Minut Init Art Social.

03/10 - Organizer, The Opening Party (House Music,Lounge Floor Opening), Minut Init Art Social.

28/10-11/11 - Curator, Ripen at Home: Examines and celebrates the exotic while pointing out the fleetingness of this notion in the age of information and our increasingly digitised and globalised lives. Featuring Veronika Neukirch, Minut Init Art Social.
15/11-27/11 - Curator, Circle Jerks, A Group Post-Internet Exhibition. Minut Init Art Social.

27/11 - Organizer, Ringan-Ringan SoundSystem2, Minut Init Art Social.

02-15/12 - Curator, WUDU by Sophia Kamal, Minut Init Art Social.
19/12 - Organizer, OBSCR Space’s Volume 1: Art Gallery, Minut Init Art Social.
21/12 - Organizer, Suara Naga:Voices from The Dragon (A night with Arrington de Dionyso), Minut Init Art Social
23-31/12 - Curator, The End is The Beginning:A group exhibition, Minuy Init Art Social.

2016 -

08/01 - Organizer, Minut Init & Bukakemono Inc. Present:SPORTZ (In collaboration with Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai), Minut Init Art Social.
09/01 - Organizer, Kong Across The Pond (A Night of Bass Music), Minut Init Art Social.
15-24/01 - Artist, curator, Inured solo exhibition. Minut Init Art Social.

19/01 - Organizer, FTP-Singer/SongWriter Showcase (Gamaharu), Minut Init Art Social.

20/01 - Organizer, Drink & Draw @ Minut Init, Minut Init Art Social.
30/01-06/02 : Co-Curator, Unknown Plus (x_+) by Ajim Juxta, Minut Init Art Social.

12/02 - Organizer, So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish (DJ Night), Minut Init Art Social.
13/02 - Organizer, Kong Across The Pond2 (A Night of Bass Music), Minut Init Art Social.
14/02 - Organizer, Valentine's Day:Live Tinder Party, Minut Init Art Social.
20/02 - Organizer, Happy Birthday Kurt Cobain (Nirvana Tribute Night Gig), Minut Init Art Social. 29/02 - Host & Organizer, Si Badut Sedih (Malam Mic Terbuka), Minut Init Art Social.

04-10/03 - Curator, VDA Freakshow (A Group Exhibition), Minut Init Art Social.
12/03 - Organizer, The Kickback (Hosted by Livelle T. Mobley), Minut Init Art Social. 19-26/03 - Curator, HIGH + Minut Init : An Art Exhibition by Fizjedar, Minut Init Art Social. 22/03 - Host & Organizer, Verbal Diarrhea:Open Mic Night, Minut Init Art Social.
30/03 - Host & Organizer, Broken English:Open Mic Night, Minut Init Art Social.

01/04 - Organizer, Friday 1st April (Psychedelic Gig), Minut Init Art Social.
04/04 - Curator, Escapism:An Interpassive Theatre (version 1.0), Minut Init Art Social.
08-14/04 - Curator, Time X Space:A Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.
16/04 - Organizer, The Daily Seni's Bintang X Bulan Celebration (Decay; A short play by Lighters Studio, PoetVsWild; SisiSeni's poetry reading, Wayang Di Bayang; A showcase of musical talents), Minut Init Art Social.
17/04 - Organizer, Crafternoon: Cut& Craft Sunday Afternoon
23-29/04 - Curator, Space X Time:A Group Photography Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.
23/04-31/05 - Artist & Curator, Intersections (cube),
Enter the Vault (Site specific installation. Hang Tuah LRT station, Urbanscape house (underground vault). 28/04 - Organizer, Minut Init X Urbanscape 2016: Drink&Draw (Vault Heist), Urbanscape House.

13-14/05 - Artist & Curator, Minut Init X Lena Kravchenko Cube Installation (Site specific installation: Hari Belia 2016 @ UPM)
27/05-03/06 - Co-Curator, Once Upon A Midnight:A Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

04/06 - Organizer, Ringan-Ringan Soundsystem Presents: Pre Puasa Groovin’, Minut Init Art Social. 04/06 - Organizer, Northern Drug Tour:SpeakZodiac, Minut Init Art Social.
24/06-01/07 - Curator, Morphic Resonance:A Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.
25/06 - Organizer, Champion Sound, Minut Init Art Social.

15/07 - Organizer, Ringan-Ringan Soundsystem presents:Uptown Dub Skankin', Minut Init Art Social. 22/07 - Organizer, Muhd Jayzuan:Gustavo Tour (Poetry Reading & Acoustic), Minut Init Art Social. 30/07 - Organizer, Skits: Live @ Minut Init, Minut Init Art Social.

20-27/08 - Co-Curator, 2057:A Group Exhibition , Minut Init Art Social.
05-12/08 - Artist & Curator, In Collaboration with Basement 6 Collective, Shanghai presents: (Wang Rou)⽹网 ⾁肉’s SHOW (Streamed Live via LivingRoom.Today), Minut Init Art Social.

20/08 - Organizer, Champion Sound feat. Rumshot (Dub Skankin’ Hi-Fi) | Hosted By Masia One, Minut Init Art Social.
27/08 - Organizer, The Day We Call It A Day, Di Heret Kekeliruan (A book launch party by B58 Publication), Minut Init Art Social.

02-19/09 - Artist & Facilitator, Andy Warhol Social Circus Silk screen factory, Slate @ The Row.
05-10/09 - Curator, Home Soon:Assemblage and Collage Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.
07/09 - Organizer, Drink&Draw+Collage:Andy Warhol Social Circus X Home Soon, Slate @ The Row, KL. 17/09-19/09 - Artist, Kitaran Art Festival commissioned sculpture and performance, Legoland @ Johor Bahru. 21/09 - Organizer, FTP-Singer Songwriter Showcase (Jiyu), Minut Init Art Social.
23-28/09 - Curator, The Ballad of:Escapeva, Minut Init Art Social.
30/09-07/10 - Artist & Curator, 6 years of Minut Init Poster Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.

13/10 - Organizer, Thursday Octobear, Minut Init's Gig, Minut Init Art Social.
14/10 - Organizer, Rainbow Horsemen, Minut Init's 1st LGBT Halloween Party, Minut Init Art Social. 15/10 - Organizer, Champion Sound:Kuala Lumpur, Minut Init Art Social.

17/10-23/10 - Curator, Immortality: A Group Exhibition, Minut Init Art Social.
30/10 - Producer. Echoes Photography Seminar - James Harding (UK) , Kamila Ciesluk (POL) , Minut Init Art Social.

2017 -

22 - 23/06 - Facilitator/Coordinator art/creative workshops , IP Kreatif - Puteri Harbour Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru.

25 - 26/10 - Facilitator/Coordinator art/creative workshops , Iskarnival(Kool) - Puteri Harbour Iskandar Puteri, Johor Bahru.

10 - 31/03 - Curator & Facilitator, APHRODISIA - Solo exhibition Alya Hatta, Minut init Art Social.

12 - 15/10 - Artist, Art Expo Plus 2017 Solo Booth - James Ly “Once Upon a Time” Installation, Matrade Centre. 

26/10 -  Artist, Installation "Dream Window" for Isetan the Japan store, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

14/10 - Artist, Fred Perry Subculture Mural - James Ly for Fred Perry Malaysia, Gasket Alley, Malaysia.

31/10 - Director, Perspectives - Video documentation project of interviews with artists, curators and historians involved in the contemporary art scene in KL/PJ, Malaysia. 

2018 -

24/02 - 24/03 - 'Soul Killers Don't Quit' -Artist and curator, duo show with Andy Wauman (Belgium), with support from Embassy of Belgium , Deweer Gallery, Minut Init Art Social.

07/07 - 14/07 - "In Defence of Poetry" - Curator, producer, artist.  Group show organised in collaboration with "Kill The Radio".

2019 -

01/08 - 11/08 - 'SHIFT'  group show for CENDANA (Cultural Economy Development Agency) - Selection panel and curator, , MAPSKL Publika. 

2021 -

01/30 - Ongoing - Grant recipient Cendana "Visual Arts Showcase Funding Programme" 'Anthology of Metaverses' Online initiative, virtual exhibition space and digital preservation project, tapping into the idea of the internet as a deterritorilised site - Founder and lead curator, , online (@anthologyofmetaverses).

01/01 - Ongoing - REIG Grant recipient UCSI University 'Living Together'  Online virtual archive and digital conservation project of peranakan cultures  - Founder and lead researcher, , online.